Saturday, November 10, 2012

Corperate Education Through Project Tomorrow

I read the article Learning in the 21st Century:2011 Trends Update. In this article all I could see as a push toward online education. They seemingly picked favorable data to substantiate their claim that online education is somehow more effective than learning in the classroom. This program is also privately funded. I cannot support private corporations funding education. The Bill Gates of the world have an eye on the education dollar, and they are reviving it though companies like project tomorrow. A simple scroll to the bottom of their website and anyone can see whose funding the project. One must understand that the single motivations of corporations is to make a profit, all the donations, and PR, are simply there to convince the community that they have another agenda. Don't be fooled by corporations, support public education!

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  1. Hey that's some powerful stuff! It's sad to think that there are so many social injustices in education and its hard to find pure motives for anything given that there is such a focus on profit in our culture. Clearly there needs to be a reform regarding what motivates us to educate students to ensure our school systems remain free from profit run motivations.