Sunday, September 23, 2012

SDAIE Strategy

A stressful SDAIE strategy that I have used in my class is cooperative learning. I often have my students pair and share. By doing this pair and share, an English Learner will have an opportunity to speak to a peer in a more personalized setting. This setting may be more beneficial for the English learner because he or she may be more comfortable not only speaking to a peer, but just one or two peers, as supposed to the whole class. I have seen this be an affective method in my classes with the one English learner that I am teaching. When the students are in their groups of two, she is always engaged in the discussion, showing evidence that the method of cooperative learning is at least affective for this student.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

EDSS 555 Injustice Blog

This photo represents a social injustice because a police presence at an academic institution is not positive for learning. The police make the students nervous, and I feel it is a major distraction for the students. If people are treated like criminals, then they will behave like criminals.

I believe the football field itself represents a great social injustice because it places the emphasis of important away from academics. The students know of the cost of a new facility, yet they also know that their school books are old. In a capitalist society, this tells the students that football is far more important than school.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Name

My name was given to me by my parents because in the Jewish culture, we name after the dead. My maternal grandfather had passed when my mother was just a little girl, therefore I was named after him. I  was named after my grandpa so that his memory will never die, and so that I will carry on his tradition. My middle name has a similar origin, but to be honest  have no idea who my middle name is after. i guess I wont carry that persons legacy well.